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Limited Edition Photoartistry Gallery

We welcome you to explore our gallery of photo-based digital paintings. This work is the core of our art practice, starting with a single or multiple photographic images and transforming them into a unique work of art. Ray has a passion for this process which involves painting and blending many layers of textures and other content, either throughout the entire image or in the tiniest portion of the image. The final artwork can have up to a hundred layers and the file sizes can reach over 10 gigabytes. The process can take a few hours or may progress over several months. 

Images in this gallery are available in signed and numbered editions of 15 and are only available through select galleries or directly from the artist. Use the contact button above to contact the artist and order images. Specify the preferred size and indicate framed or unframed and you will receive a quote as soon as possible. Images are printed by the artist on fine art paper from Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH.

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